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Scattering Options


Options For The Disposition Of Cremated Remains

In California, families may choose any of the following methods of disposition for cremated remains. A Disposition Permit is required by the State of California. Cremated remains may also be split into more than one disposition, if desired.

Here are the general options as of today:

  • Burial in a plot in a Cemetery
  • Placement in a Columbarium or Mausoleum at a Cemetery​
  • Scattering in a Cemetery Garden
  • ​Scattering in a forest setting such as Better Place Forests
  • Kept at a residence
  • Stored in a house of worship or religious shrine (if local zoning laws allow)
  • Scattering in areas of the State where no local prohibition exists and with written permission of the property owner or governing agency
  • Scattering at Sea, at least 500 yards off shore

Scattering Of Remains By Family

​Land Scattering by the Family: Families can scatter the remains of their family member if they have received the appropriate Disposition Permit. They can scattering over land in California where no local prohibition exists and with written permission of the property owner or governing agency. The cremated remains must be removed from the container and scattered in a manner so they are not distinguishable to the public.

Ocean Scattering by the Family: The family may scatter the remains in the ocean as long as they have received the appropriate Disposition Permit and are at least 500 yards offshore. (This also includes inland navigable waters, except for lakes and streams.)

Unique Scattering By Air Over Land And Sea

Over Sea Options

Natural Grace has been working with A Journey With Wings for a number of years and is proud to offer their services for scattering from the air. Natural Grace and A Journey With Wings have scattered cremated remains over many different places including State Parks, National Parks, Conservancies and at Sea.

Below are some of the more popular ash scattering locations. And if you don't see a location you are interested in, call us. 

The family options for witnessing are: 


The un-witnessed ash scattering service is completed within 60 days of receipt of the cremated remains and is done on a date and time of our choosing.You will be notified of the scheduled date of this un-witnessed ash scattering service. It includes an invitation to the airport. This allows family and friends to gather at the airport with flowers and/or flower petals to be scattered along with the ashes. More than one scattering will take place on this flight, however, each scattering is performed discretely and individually.

Witnessed Ash Scattering

The most popular service. This service allows loved ones to witness the scattering from the ground. The witnessed ash scattering service is scheduled at a date and time of your choosing and allows for an unlimited number of friends and family to gather at the location in which the witnessed ash scattering will occur. This service creates a beautiful, lasting memory that brings closure with dignity and grace. All will view as the cremated remains are released into the air. They make an elegant trail behind the airplane. They sit on a cushion of air and then disappear. This flight can be coordinated to place with a memorial service on the ground. 

Private Witnessing

The private ash scattering service gives you the option to directly participate in the ash scattering of your loved one’s ashes. The sole purpose of the flight is to scattering of your loved one. Because no other scatterings take place during the flight, friends and family may come on board to participate and actually release the ashes themselves using their patented scattering device.

The Scattering By Air Experience By A Journey With Wings

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Huntington Beach

This is the most popular ash scattering at sea location to do a witnessed scattering service. Huntington Beach is world famous for it’s surf. It is called Surf City USA. The Huntington Beach Pier is a perfect spot to view a scattering of ashes by airplane. Family members can gather at the end of the pier to witness the scattering of ashes. The plane will make a low pass in front of the pier and perform the scattering. We recommend doing the scattering just prior to sunset and then staying and enjoying the colors of the sky as the sun goes down. If your loved one was a free spirit who liked to surf, or just watch the surf, a burial at sea off of Huntington Beach would be a great choice.

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Newport Beach

Newport Beach is home to a lot of yacht and boating activity. Doing an ash scattering at sea in this area makes for a majestic memorial experience. Many families who witness from Newport Beach do so with their feet in the sand right on the beach. Newport Beach Also has a pier for those that prefer a dryer experience. Many Families then will have a meal at one of the many small restaurants in Newport Beach or close by Balboa.

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Laguna Beach

​Laguna Beach has many tidepools and parks along the beach. We recommend Main Street Beach Park. The kids can play at the beach before or after the scattering. There are also many tide pools within walking distance. Exploring the tide pools is a real natural exciting experience. If your loved one cared for nature, this would be a great location for a burial at sea. 

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Palos Verdes Peninsula

A favorite place for ash scattering at sea in Los Angeles County is off of Palos Verdes Peninsula. There is a special place at the tip of the Palos Verdes Peninsula called Angel’s Gate Park.  Standing in front of the lighthouse looking out to the ocean you can see almost 270 degrees. To the east is the entrance to the Port of Los Angeles with the Orange County coast in the distance. Looking forward off the Peninsula is Catalina Island. To the West is the sunset, with the Channel Islands in the distance. 

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Malibu/Zuma Beach

Malibu is another great place for ash scattering at sea in Los Angeles County.  Your family can watch the scattering of ashes from any number of beaches or from the Malibu Pier.

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San Diego

One of the most popular spots for viewing an ash scattering in San Diego is from Crystal pier in Point Loma, or Seal Rock in La Jolla. Families can stand out on the beach and watch as the plane flies by and releases the ashes. They make an elegant twist as they leave the plane, and then disappear.

Over Land Options

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Catalina Island

Catalina is a serene island located 25 miles across the sea from the Los Angeles and Orange County coastlines. When your loved one is scattered on Catalina Island, you will receive a one-year membership (friend level) to the Catalina Island Conservancy in the name of your loved one. Ask for pricong

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National Parks: Zion - Sequoia - Grand Canyon

We can have A Journey With Wings scatter your family member's cremated remains by airplane over many National Parks in the Southwest US. Most National Parks will allow for scattering of cremated remains by require it to be done in an undeveloped area. Ash Scattering by airplane is one of the only ways to accomplish an ash scattering over National Parks.

Permission is granted by each park at the discretion of the park superintendent. Please contact for options of Un-Witnessed, Private or Witnessed scattering.

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Mountains: Santa Monica Mountains - Mt. Whitney - Mt. San Jacinto - Saddleback Mnts.

Natural Grace can have A Journey With Wings Scatter cremated remains by airplanes over many mountain locations in the Southwest US. There are many options to choose from for ash scattering over mountain locations. Families choosing to witness the cremated remains scattering from the ground can watch it from a trail or observation area. 

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