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Shari Interviewed by Fusion Television
Posted: February 5, 2013
Inside a Home Funeral
Preparing a body for burial is a ritual that is both ageless and tribal. Here’s what it’s like.
This is the first time I am so close. There is a body bag on the table, waiting to be opened. Our best friends’ 22-year-old son’s body is inside. His mother and father are across from me, brothers beside, with several women gathered to form the circle around the table. These women will become my sisters in the next five hours, as we prepare the body together… read more ⇒
Funeral Radio: Green Burial Radio Program with Joe Sehee and Shari Wolf
Posted February 3, 2013
Perceived Risks of Green Burial

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Shari Wolf and Joe Sehee discuss the perceived risks when preserving a body while using green burial practices. They also discuss the importance of knowing what is “green” and what is not.

Funeral Radio: Green Burial Radio Program with Joe Sehee and Shari Wolf
Posted February 3, 2013
Alternative Preservation Methods

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Shari Wolf and Joe Sehee discuss the use of dry ice and the Green Burial Council Cooling Blanket as an alternative to embalming.

Daily Breeze
Posted: July 5, 2012
Business Casual: Manhattan Beach business specializes in ‘green’ funerals
by Muhammed El-Hasan Staff Writer
I don’t often think about my own death, but I will more and more as I age. One topic that is already filling my thoughts is the environment and its possible condition when my kids are my age. Shari Wolf regularly combines both topics in her discussions with clients. Wolf owns Natural Grace, which specializing in arranging “green” funerals. The Manhattan Beach business is among a growing number of companies that allow environmentally aware people to leave this world on their own terms… read more ⇒
Shari Wolf Interview on BackTalk with Brad & Gina
February 24, 2012
Environmentally Friendly Funerals: An Interview with Shari Wolf

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Audio stream of the BackTalk interview with Shari Wolf, owner of Natural Grace Funerals, on the topic of environmentally friendly funerals. BackTalk with Brad & Gina is an Entertainment / Informational Magazine style show. BackTalk airs live from Pasadena, California every Friday Night at 6:00 pm PST.

Natural Awakenings
Los Angeles Edition
April 2012 – Page 13
ecobrief: Living Green, Dying Green: A Natural Choice
Many of us are choosing to live our lives in a healthier and more environmentally conscious manner. “We want to live green, and when it comes to the time of death, those same individuals want to leave this world in a similar fashion as to how they lived their lives,” says Shari Wolf, owner and funeral director for Natural Grace, an exclusively environmentally-friendly funeral provider. “The biggest challenge is that our culture doesn’t want to acknowledge our mortality, so we don’t think about our funeral and burial options until the last minute. Thus, families often don’t know other options exist that meet their needs in a more desirable way”… read more ⇒
Whole Life Times
April/May 2012 – Pages 32-33
Back to the Land: “Green” used to mean inexperienced. Now it can describe the ultimate life experience.
by Katie Sandberg
Angelenos intrigued with living lightly on the planet are accustomed to confronting challenges. Whether it’s buying Fair Trade products or consuming less animal protein to reduce our environmental impact, we’re willing to go that extra step – to think about not just what works in the moment, but what is best in the long-term for our families and the home that has been entrusted to us – planet Earth. Yet fragile living beings that we are, there is one thing most of us have difficulty contemplating: our own death or that of a loved one… read more ⇒ — Essential Public Radio 90.5 FM Pittsburgh | npr
February 17, 2012
Going Green Even When Being Buried
by Chad Houck
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The movement towards reducing carbon footprints, even in death, has come to the Pittsburgh region. The Penn Forest Natural Burial Park in Verona has been certified by the Green Burial Council, a national nonprofit that encourages environmental sustainability in the burial industry.
The growing popularity of natural burial is a sign that people may be starting to prefer forests over graveyards and existing trees instead of tombstones. But Joe Sehee, director and founder of the Green Burial Council, said natural burial isn’t a new idea… read more ⇒ — This Green Life
February 2012
Green Burials: In tune with nature–and religious traditions
by Sheryl Eisenberg
Think about the effort you put into living green. Now, take a breath and consider your death. Shouldn’t it reflect the same values?
This may seem an odd, if not macabre, thing to say, but I am interested in the different ways my final remains can be put to rest. So should you be.
You see, there’s the conventional way of getting buried in the U.S. today–which typically involves embalming, a fancy casket and interment in a cemetery park–and there are simpler, greener, less expensive ways. (Yes, for once, the green alternative is cheaper.)… read more ⇒
Posted: June 6, 2011
Green burials are gaining traction in the Washington area
by Rachel Saslow
Live eco-conscious, die eco-conscious. People who drive hybrid cars, recycle, compost and eat vegetarian are showing increased interest in leaving this world in an equally Earth-friendly way: a green burial. “Baby boomers who define themselves as environmentalists don’t want to go out with a final act of pollution,” says Joe Sehee, executive director of the Green Burial Council, headquartered in Santa Fe, N.M. “A lot of people find solace in returning to the earth naturally”… read more ⇒
Posted: May 11, 2011
Green Burials Help the Earth and Your Pocketbook
by Tom Barlow
Many people think of cremation as a more Earth-friendly way of dealing with their remains on this post-mortal coil, but what about the energy expended converting our body to ashes? What about the air pollution, such as mercury, from that conflagration? And what about the potential soil nutrients that this steals from the ground? In my opinion, I’ve lived off of the nutrients provided by the world for many years and have a moral obligation to give something nutritious back upon my death.
That’s why I’m pleased to see the growing field of green burials. No longer do we need to be shackled to the traditional Christian burial process of embalming, placing in a air-tight elaborate casket and entombing the casket in a concrete vault… read more ⇒
Green Burial Council PDF
Posted: April 12, 2011
Back to the Earth
by Janet Kornblum for USA Today
Green funerals trend provides a bounty of eco-conscious alternatives
Ray Karno does not like waste. When food is trashed, it drives him crazy. When natural resources are tossed out, he loathes it. And when his heart stops beating and his time is up, he wants to make very sure that his own body is not squandered. “If there are three words that I live by, it’s that ‘I hate waste.’ I can’t stand it,” Karno says. That’s why Karno, a 53-year-old salesman from Oakland, California, wants to skip the cement burial vault many cemeteries use, forgo the traditional coffin, and instead have his un-embalmed, 190-pound body wrapped in a biodegradable shroud and planted directly into the ground where it will decay and become plant food… read more ⇒
Washtenaw Voice
March 28th, 2011
Going ‘Green’
by Anne Duffy, Staff Writer
Sustainability, even in death, with earth-friendly burials
Recently there has been a huge movement for “green energy” and sustainability. From consumers buying hybrid cars and purchasing green building materials for homes, to eating organic food and using non-toxic toiletries, people are embracing this lifestyle. The energy crisis has created a need for people to do things differently… Even when it comes to planning death… read more ⇒
Good Times (Santa Cruz)
January 25, 2011 10:00 AM
Green to the Grave
by Patrick Dwire
Will there be a greater demand for ‘green’ burial practices?
For those who spend their life dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint, it can seem contradictory for their final act of recycling to be having their bodies pumped full of toxic chemicals and buried in a metal casket that will take longer than an SUV to biodegrade… read more ⇒
The Huffington Post
September 24, 2010 12:23 AM
Natural Burial is Gaining Ground: Advocates are Speaking Up Across North America
by Anne Dilenschneider
Natural Burial is gaining ground all across the country. Sometimes it even gets media attention, as in the case of Lynn Redgrave’s funeral (story ⇒). Two events featuring natural burial – the Solar Living Institute’s Solfest XIV in Ukiah, California on September 25th & 26th and the September 27th evening on “American Culture & Death” at the Mankind Project Center in Houston, Texas — came to my attention this week as I continued my conversations with funeral homes across the country about natural burial… read more ⇒
The Economist – International, Green funerals, Exit strategies
September 16, 2010
Innovations for a conservative industry
“We can bury her, burn her, or dump her.” The lucrative business of running funeral homes is rarely as blunt as that portrayed by Monty Python, a British satirical television show, and certainly not a front for cannibalism. But burial rites in most of the modern world remain an expensive relic of 19th-century habit. The last big innovation was cremation, which is now under fire for its environmental costs. A study conducted in 2007 for Centennial Park, a cemetery in Australia, found cremations produce the equivalent of 160kg of CO2 per body. A cemetery burial emits a mere 39kg. But maintenance (mowing lawns and the like) makes the ultimate carbon footprint of burial bigger than cremation… read more ⇒
August 26, 2010
Options for Green Burials on the Rise
by Tasnim Shamma
A small but growing number of people across the country are opting to decompose directly into the earth. In a 2007 survey by the AARP, 21 percent of Americans older than 50 said they would prefer an ecofriendly end-of-life ritual… read more ⇒
Marshall News Messenger
July 17, 2010 9:48 pm
Area business among growing trend of ‘simple’ funeral choices
by Jimmy Alford Westward East Texas The casket is the last thing people see when laying a loved one to rest, and can reflect the deceased’s life and final wishes. It all comes down to choice… read more ⇒
New York Times – Environment (
June 30, 2010, 8:31 AM
Into the Great Green Beyond
by John Collins Rudolf
At the end of an eco-conscious life, there is a final choice a person can make to limit his or her impact on the planet: a green funeral… read more ⇒ – Arts & Culture
The Surprising Satisfactions of a Home Funeral
by Max Alexander Smithsonianmagazine, March 2009
When his father and father-in-law died within days of each other, author Max Alexander learned much about the funeral industry… read more ⇒
USA Today
Updated 2/4/2010 4:48 AM
by Katharine Lackey, USA Today
Eco-conscious Rest Easy Going Green Eternally
If you’re living a green lifestyle, it turns out you can take it with you.
Cemeteries and funeral homes across the USA are offering environmentally friendly burials featuring formaldehyde-free fluids for embalming and biodegradable caskets made of pine, wicker or even cardboard… read more ⇒
Practice Your Ethical Beliefs with a Green Funeral
As environmental awareness has grown, the idea of green funerals has become more and more appealing to those who wish to lessen their impact on the earth. From green coffins to funeral homes that have adapted an entirely eco-friendly approach, those who choose to live an ecologically responsible lifestyle may be both sur prised and pleased to learn about the variety of green funeral options that continue to emerge… read more ⇒
Saturday, February 20, 2010 10:00 AM ET
Eco-friendly Burial Business Booms
by Katherine Gustafson
Eco-conscious to the end, many are opting for a smaller carbon graveprint.
Green business is a bright spot in this dark economy of ours. The annual “State of Green Business” report produced by states that green endeavors have thrived so far during the recession. Corporations have also been increasingly embracing green business practices as companies realize the cost-savings that come with shaping up environmentally… read more ⇒ – Planet Green
How to Go Green: Funerals
Worldwide, more than 50,000,000 people pass away each year. Traditional burial and cremation practices can have significant negative environmental impact, but green funerals and eco-burials are one way to lessen the impact. While death can be a difficult subject, keeping ethical beliefs and environmental convictions in mind while tending to end-of-life arrangements can create a meaningful send-off–not to mention a lower-impact one. After all, if you gotta go, why not go green? Top Green Funeral Tips… read more ⇒
Original Content | November 11, 2000
Unexpected Ways to Go Green
by Erin E. White
It seems a bit morbid to think about the cost and ecological impact of a funeral, but between embalming, buying a casket and many other fees and charges, the National Funeral Directors Association says most funerals cost more than $7,000. Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council says typical funerals and burials are far from eco-friendly… read more ⇒
Thursday, April 29, 2010
Dust to Dust
by Elizabeth Miller
Local man makes coffins out of beetle-kill pine for green burials… read more ⇒