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“According to Shari Wolf, founder of Natural Grace Funerals in Los Angeles, there’s one major thing that sets green funerals apart. “The biggest difference… is that we do not embalm the bodies,” she said. Instead, she and her team slow decomposition through refrigeration, then wrap the deceased in a shroud (or another simple, biodegradable container of the family’s choosing) before laying them to rest directly in the earth”

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Shari Interviewed by Fusion Television
Posted: February 5, 2013
Inside a Home Funeral
Preparing a body for burial is a ritual that is both ageless and tribal. Here’s what it’s like.
This is the first time I am so close. There is a body bag on the table, waiting to be opened. Our best friends’ 22-year-old son’s body is inside. His mother and father are across from me, brothers beside, with several women gathered to form the circle around the table. These women will become my sisters in the next five hours, as we prepare the body together… read more ⇒
Funeral Radio: Green Burial Radio Program with Joe Sehee and Shari Wolf
Posted February 3, 2013
Perceived Risks of Green Burial

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Shari Wolf and Joe Sehee discuss the perceived risks when preserving a body while using green burial practices. They also discuss the importance of knowing what is “green” and what is not.

Funeral Radio: Green Burial Radio Program with Joe Sehee and Shari Wolf
Posted February 3, 2013
Alternative Preservation Methods

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Shari Wolf and Joe Sehee discuss the use of dry ice and the Green Burial Council Cooling Blanket as an alternative to embalming.

Daily Breeze
Posted: July 5, 2012
Business Casual: Manhattan Beach business specializes in ‘green’ funerals
by Muhammed El-Hasan Staff Writer
I don’t often think about my own death, but I will more and more as I age. One topic that is already filling my thoughts is the environment and its possible condition when my kids are my age. Shari Wolf regularly combines both topics in her discussions with clients. Wolf owns Natural Grace, which specializing in arranging “green” funerals. The Manhattan Beach business is among a growing number of companies that allow environmentally aware people to leave this world on their own terms… read more ⇒
Shari Wolf Interview on BackTalk with Brad & Gina
February 24, 2012
Environmentally Friendly Funerals: An Interview with Shari Wolf

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Audio stream of the BackTalk interview with Shari Wolf, owner of Natural Grace Funerals, on the topic of environmentally friendly funerals. BackTalk with Brad & Gina is an Entertainment / Informational Magazine style show. BackTalk airs live from Pasadena, California every Friday Night at 6:00 pm PST.

Natural Awakenings
Los Angeles Edition
April 2012 – Page 13
ecobrief: Living Green, Dying Green: A Natural Choice
Many of us are choosing to live our lives in a healthier and more environmentally conscious manner. “We want to live green, and when it comes to the time of death, those same individuals want to leave this world in a similar fashion as to how they lived their lives,” says Shari Wolf, owner and funeral director for Natural Grace, an exclusively environmentally-friendly funeral provider. “The biggest challenge is that our culture doesn’t want to acknowledge our mortality, so we don’t think about our funeral and burial options until the last minute. Thus, families often don’t know other options exist that meet their needs in a more desirable way”… read more ⇒
Angelenos intrigued with living lightly on the planet are accustomed to confronting challenges. Whether it’s buying Fair Trade products or consuming less animal protein to reduce our environmental impact, we’re willing to go that extra step – to think about not just what works in the moment, but what is best in the long-term for our families and the home that has been entrusted to us – planet Earth. Yet fragile living beings that we are, there is one thing most of us have difficulty contemplating: our own death or that of a loved one… read more ⇒ — Essential Public Radio 90.5 FM Pittsburgh | npr
February 17, 2012
Going Green Even When Being Buried
by Chad Houck
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The movement towards reducing carbon footprints, even in death, has come to the Pittsburgh region. The Penn Forest Natural Burial Park in Verona has been certified by the Green Burial Council, a national nonprofit that encourages environmental sustainability in the burial industry.
The growing popularity of natural burial is a sign that people may be starting to prefer forests over graveyards and existing trees instead of tombstones. But Joe Sehee, director and founder of the Green Burial Council, said natural burial isn’t a new idea… read more ⇒ — This Green Life
February 2012
Green Burials: In tune with nature–and religious traditions
by Sheryl Eisenberg
Think about the effort you put into living green. Now, take a breath and consider your death. Shouldn’t it reflect the same values?
This may seem an odd, if not macabre, thing to say, but I am interested in the different ways my final remains can be put to rest. So should you be.
You see, there’s the conventional way of getting buried in the U.S. today–which typically involves embalming, a fancy casket and interment in a cemetery park–and there are simpler, greener, less expensive ways. (Yes, for once, the green alternative is cheaper.)… read more ⇒