Natural Grace Funerals is a funeral home offering environmentally friendly death care options to families throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County. We provide natural/green funeral, burial and cremation services. Our services are simple, affordable and focus on respect for the deceased, the living, future generations and this planet we all share.

 Thank you Shari and your associates for helping us through such a difficult time with little Adela’s passing. You have been so extremely compassionate and generous with us. May God Bless you all for the work you do… (about this)


We meet with families in the comfort of their own home and encourage family involvement. As a licensed funeral home we handle the funeral, burial and cremation details, yet extend our role to help facilitate important and instrumental family participation in the ceremonies and entire process enabling a meaningful experience for all.  Knowing each loved one is special, we offer families options and ideas for creating memorable funeral or memorial services and life-celebrating events.

We are non-denominational and respect all religions, as well as those who choose to live without organized religion. Our number one priority is to honor the rituals and values important to each individual and their families.

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